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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmusssen, General Editor


Submission Guidelines & Contract for Publication

Please submit your work as shown below to our editors with their own unique email addresses.


Ray Rasmussen (March issue submissions accepted from Dec 01 to Jan 01->
Melissa Allen (June issue submissions accepted from March 01 to April 01) ->
Rich Youmans (September issue submissions accepted from June 01 to July 01) ->
Terri French (December issue submissions accepted from Sept 01 to Oct 01) ->

Tanka Prose:

Tish Davis (March issue submissions accepted from from Dec 01 to Jan 01) ->
Tim Gardiner (June issue submissions accepted from March 01 to April 01) ->
Tish Davis (September issue submissions accepted from June 01 to July 01) ->
Tim Gardiner (December issue submissions accepted from Sept 01 to Oct 01) ->

Articles, Interviews, Reviews, Poets Choices & Commentaries:

Submit your work to editor -> Patricia Prime. Because there are fewer pieces in this section, Patricia may consider receiving work throughout the year.

Submission Requirements

  1. Submit no more than three haibun or tanka prose at one time.
  2. Do not send works currently under consideration elsewhere.
  3. Previously published work will be considered. Notify us of the publication venue and date.
  4. If your haibun or tanka prose is unpublished, but the haiku or tanka has been previously published, notify us of the publication venue and date.
  5. Follow the submission schedule noted above.

Submission Format: It helps us greatly for record keeping and formatting if you follow these submission guidelines.

SUBJECT: HT, your name, place of residence (city, state/province, country) & date


SUBJECT: HT, Mary Smith, Alameda, California, USA, January 1, 2012

For Haibun and Tanka Prose, please place your Work directly in the body of the email. Please do not submit Word or PDF or RTF or Text files.

For our Articles section, please confer with Patricia Prime as to the acceptability of word, RTF or Text documents.

In the body of the email, please state that you accept all terms stated on this page. If you do not make this statement, we will assume agreement.

Notification Timelines

The editors will strive to respond promptly to every submission. Notification of acceptance, acceptance subject to revision or rejection will normally be made in less than 3o days. Please be aware that, at times, one or more of our editors are out of town and some delay, in such circumstances, should be anticipated. If you have not received a response within 30 days, inquire directly of the editor as to the status of your submission.

Copy Editing & Format Issues

1. Contents Page Formatting: Some writers prefer not to capitalize names, titles, first words in sentences, etc. We will adhere to a writer's preferences on the page where his or her work appears, but the main contents page will have all names and titles capitalized in the normal way.

2. Copy Editing: All work will be copy (not content) edited. If upon viewing their work in an issue, writers feel strongly about any copyediting changes that have been made, they can contact Ray Rasmussen, General Editor and we will make changes that are deemed necessary.

3. Content Changes: Once a piece has been accepted and formatted for the journal, we will not make content changes except under unusual circumstances.

4. Special Characters: It is our preference not to utilize diacritics (symbols added to letters, such as macrons and accents). However, if your copy contains them and if they transfer successfully to the special computer language required for webpages, we will include them.


Haibun Today acquires first serial rights to any previously unpublished work that it publishes. The right to reprint such work reverts to the author 30 days after publication in Haibun Today. Any future publishers of works that first appear in this venue must credit Haibun Today for first publication.

Haibun Today also retains the right to reprint, in electronic or hardcopy form, those works first published here. In the case of previously published materials, Haibun Today will acquire first serial rights, if the author may grant them without violating the rights of the original publisher, plus the right to reprint such work in electronic or hardcopy form.

Correspondence between editors and writers submitting their work or with persons discussing any issues with editors is private and may not be used in any way without the express written permission of the editors involved.

Inquiries and Problems:

Queries about matters other than manuscript submission should be directed to General Editor Ray Rasmussen at

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: If Haibun Today has accepted my work, do I retain rights to republish it elsewhere?
A1: Yes, but you may do so only after Haibun Today first publishes this work and only if republication is accompanied by acknowledgement of Haibun Today as the first place of publication.

Q2: If any part or the whole of my submission has had prior publication, must I inform Haibun Today of this fact when I submit or can I wait until the editor accepts my work?
A2: You should clearly state in your submission that the poem or whole work was published and provide the publishing details, e.g., haiku previously published in The Heron's Nest, 11:4, December 2009 or haibun previously published in bottle rockets, 22, February, 2010.

Q3: Can Haibun Today republish my work either electronically or in print?
A3: Yes, Haibun Today retains the right to republish your work, but only in Haibun Today online or print journals or anthologies.

Q4: Can Haibun Today grant permission to another publisher to reprint my work?
A4: No, Haibun Today cannot grant permission to any other party to republish your work. Any publisher interested in reprinting your work, subsequent to its first appearance in Haibun Today, must contact you for permission.

Q5: Does Haibun Today presently plan to republish work that has appeared or will appear in the journal?
A5: Not at present. However, titles such as The Best of Haibun Today or Five Years of Haibun Today, either as online or print editions, remain possibilities for the future.




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