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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmussen, General Editor

Volume 12, Number 4, December 2018

Personal Commentaries

It has been nice to have many of you readers contributing personal commentaries over the last two issues. They serve to connect our haibun and tanka prose communities, making Haibun Today more of a collegial group of writers than a strangers submitting their writing to editors they barely know. In short, it's always nice to know that someone is reading our work and helpful to hear how they relate to it.

So please consider doing a personal commentary on one of this issue's collections. Doing one doesn't have to be onerous and very time consuming. A personal commentary has these elements:

  • How do you respond personally to the writer's theme with examples from your own life.
  • What passages strike you as particularly poetic or evocative or touching.

In short, to contribute, you need not do a thorough analysis of a writer's work and we aren't looking for criticism or suggestions, regardless of its constructive intent.

I do hope you'll consider contributing your personal comments on one of the pieces you read in this issue. Look for pieces that move you or remind you. Sometimes it's the prose poetry passages, sometimes the haiku, sometimes the subject that especially touches your heart.

~ Ray Rasmussen, General Editor







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