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A Quarterly Journal
Jeffrey Woodward, Founder & Owner
Ray Rasmussen, General Editor

Volume 12, Number 4, December 2018

Rich Youmans
North Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA

Fresh Paint

“One wall in the living room can be Maritime White"—Belle points to a light gray chip—"and the others Corinthian White.” I follow her finger and assume “Corinthian” means pale yellow.

“Will we have any whites that are, you know … white?” I ask .

She points to the nearest paint chip. “Simply White, for the trim.”

I breathe an exaggerated sigh of relief, but Belle ignores me. She wants the house done by our first anniversary and has no time to waste.

late-life love …
floating down the aisle
her dress of Morning Mist

“We’ll have Ancient Oak in one guest bedroom," she continues, "and Royal Silk in the other, and in the master bedroom we can pair Old Prairie with Silken Pine.” Her finger jumps from chip to chip. One is the color of oak buds in spring. Next to it, the cloudy tone of old rice paper. And in Old Prairie and Silken Pine, I see neither prairie nor pine, although perhaps they’re just lost in fog.

Belle begins matching one chip against another, seeing things I don’t. I watch as she shuffles the colors, their names sheer poetry—something you can't explain but know is just right. Suddenly her face meets mine; she’s found a pairing that excites her, I can tell by the way her green eyes shine. No, not green: Sunburst Emerald. No, Brilliant Glade. No, just Love. Simply Love.

fresh paint …
our doorway framed
by moonglow



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